When looking for a therapist or psychiatrist, experience counts:  Therapy experience and training, as well as life experience.

Therapy is mostly about learning to trust another with ones inner world of feelings....

Trust that one will not be shamed, ignored or dismissed.

Trust that something valuable will come of that dialogue that promotes growth and increased freedom to chose, to BE.

Those who suffer emotionally, who are in distress over losses, in troubled relationships or have trouble relating, or who experience anxiety or depression, search for someone they hope will create a safe situation for telling their very private story.  They search for someone who listens well and can serve as a guide to solving the puzzles of their minds, bringing a measure of relief.

I have been practicing psychiatry, psychotherapy and psychoanalysis for many years.  With great pleasure I have dedicated many hours to training, teaching and supervising therapists from all professional backgrounds.  I have learned how sensitive one must be to the fear shared by so many that they will be judged or shamed when they muster the courage to put into words their most private thoughts and feelings.

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